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Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling Services Q&A series 
Kitchen Remodeling

I'These guides will answer many common questions you may have about the remodeling process and help you get started on planning your remodeling project

What does a Kitchen remodel cost?

Kitchen remodels are one of the most difficult projects to price out without actually designing the whole kitchen first. High end appliances alone could be an entire budget for many people. A kitchen remodel can range from $10,000 to $50,000. A well done kitchen will cost around $20,000-$25000, without major layout changes and using mid range materials and appliances.  Having said that here is a breakdown on some of the various costs associated with remodeling a kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Q&A

How long does a Kitchen remodel Take?
Usually around two weeks for a full remodel
Will my kitchen be usable during the renovation?
Your kitchen will not be usable for at least the first week
What is the kitchen remodeling process
  1. Design phase                                  
  2. Order cabinets and Appliances   
  3. Order Flooring and Tile                 
  4. Demolition                                       
  5. Plumbing and electrical changes
  6. Paint walls and ceilings                 
  7. Install cabinets and hardware      
  8. Order countertops                          
  9. Install flooring                                 
  10. install trim and kick plates          
  11. Install appliances                          
  12. Install countertops                        
  13. Install sink and faucet                  
What kind of countertop should I select?
The best all around countertop dollar for dollar is granite. Quartz is another good option but can be more costly than granite. If you are on a razor thin budget then you are left with laminate. There are many other types of exotic stones and other materials, but they tend to be more costly and even have longevity and usability draw backs.
What kind of flooring should I use in my Kitchen
Kitchens see a lot of traffic. They are also full objects that can cause damage. Spills and falling plates, knives, and utensils will quickly damage most floors. Tile is probably the most durable but can be cold, hard, and clash with the rest of your home, especially if you have an open concept floor plan. If you have an open concept floor plan its best to have flooring continuity throughout the space. An interesting solution if you want the durability of tile but don't want it to clash with other flooring is to use larger hexagonal tile and have it randomly inlay into the adjacent hardwood.  PVC flooring is relatively new material and is great for moisture, impact, and scratching, but even it can not withstand a falling knife.  In the end you have to weigh your priorities between, look, feel, and durability.
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Kitchen remodel cost summary


  • $6,000 - Cabinets

  • $2,200 - Countertops

  • $3,000 - Appliances

  • $400    - Backsplash

  • $500    - Flooring

  • $200    - Hardware

  • $400    - Sink

  • $300    - Faucet



  • $1,200 - Demolition

  • $500    - Waste removal

  • $900    - Site Preparation

  • $1,200 - Cabinet installation

  • $800    - Flooring installation

  • $800    - Backsplash tiling

  • $800    - Fixture installation

  • $300    - Hardware Installation

Total:  $19,500

Kitchen Cabinets Materials and Labor Cost

A new set of cabinets for an average 10'x10' kitchen will cost anywhere from $3500 for basic stock cabinets to as much as $20,000 for custom hard wood cabinets with all the bells and whistles. If you want half decent cabinets expect to pay around $6000 for them. 

The labor to install the cabinets will start around a $1000, if there are separate trim pieces this can add a few hundred dollars to the basic cost. Additional accessories such as in cabinet and under cabinet lighting can also add to the cost.

Cheaper Cabinets:

  • Have base made of thin particleboard

  • Will not have soft close hinges and drawers

  • Will have low quality paint finishes that are easily stained or damaged

  • Have very thin doors and fronts that can easily crack or puncture

  • Will not have any accessories or moldings

  • Will only come in certain sizes and finishes

Mid grade Cabinets​​​:

  • Have sturdier bases and frames probably still particleboard

  • Will have soft close hinges and drawers

  • Will have more finishes and size options

  • Will have solid wood doors and fronts

  • Will have some accessories and moldings

Custom Cabinets

  • Are made with at least solid plywood bases and frames

  • Are built to many customs sizes and specifications

  • Have doors made from hardwood or even exotic woods

  • Have a wide range of accessories and moldings. 

  • Come in a wide range of finishes, styles, and configurations

Some interesting accessories and features.

  • In cabinet and drawer lighting

  • Multi color under cabinet lighting for tasks and ambiance

  • Spice rack pull out drawer

  • Utensil drawers and organizers 

  • Integrated USB charging ports

  • Recycling and waste drawer

Kitchen Countertop Cost

A countertop for an average kitchen without a island will cost from $1000 for laminate,  $2000 for the least expensive granite, $2500 for the least expensive quartz, up to $5000 for exotic stones and special finishes. For a decent quality and aesthetically appealing granite expect to pay around $60 per square foot or around $2500 for an average kitchen or $3000 with a modest island.

The labor to install countertops is typically factored into the cost per square foot, so don;t expect extra charges here unless there are some very specific installation circumstances. 

Countertop materials

  • Granite  (Well Balanced)

  • Quartz  (Durable)

  • Quartzite  (Interesting colors)

  • Wood  (Natural Look)

  • Recycled Glass  (Eco Friendly)

  • Concrete  (Endless Possibilities)

  • Epoxy  (Mind Blowing Designs)

  • Metal  (Modern Look)

  • Laminate  (Inexpensive?)

  • Ceramic  (Relatively New)

  • Marble  (Timeless)

Interesting Features 

  • Inlays

  • Built in drainage channel

  • Back lit translucent countertops

  • Built in charging ports

  • Countertop roll over island. 

  • Matte finish granite

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